Support and FAQ

How do I add an implant record?

Locate the patient file and click the eye icon under Actions. This will bring you to the Patient Detail Summary page. Under the Patient Implant Records section, click Add Implant Record This will open a new page for you to input the details of the procedure,...

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How do I print a patient record?

Select the patient whose record you wish to print by searching by name, implant manufacturer, or fixture. Click on the eye icon under "Actions" to open the record and view their Patient Details Summary. At the top right of the Patient Details Summary screen, click on...

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How do I add a new fixture?

If you have recently started offering a new implant fixture and would like to add it to your database for future patient use, just click on the question mark icon next to your name at the top-right of the page and select "Implant Fixture Request". Input the...

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